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Anonymous casino online accepts Litecoin as a payment method! Every player can deposit and withdraw funds via chosen payment system.

Litecoin and gambling

Casinos have various forms of payment and in recent years litecoin casinos has become a leader in the virtual portfolio segment because of its credibility and security in transactions. Litecoin USA is growing in the national market, because when you search for a casino in USA, you automatically feel the need to have a way to make your deposits safely, without having to expose your passwords and numbers people on the web. To reassure the most cautious bettors, litecoin is an excellent solution.

In addition to accessing payments and transactions through your account on the site, you will have a card that can be used in various establishments around the planet.

How litecoin Works

To do the litecoin you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: When entering the site or downloading the litecoin application you must register. It is simple and practical. Enter your data and some information like password and username, your account will be created immediately and you can make immediate use of your balance.
  • Step 2: Place a balance. To transfer money, the litecoin will give you multiple possibilities: by credit card, debit, eChecks transfers or go to your branch to do the process at the counter. What the litecoin team wants is for you to have the best experience possible and continue to use the service by bringing more and more customers.

Litecoin wallets

The cryptocurrency values the convenience of the customer, then created three ways to make payment and receipt of their users viable. For every need there is an exclusive solution that will give you the comfort and security it needs.

Ecocard: this is the card that can be used in any store. When traveling you can make your payments using the ecocard. When you create an account this card will be sent to your address and you will have all the advantages that the company offers.

Ecoaccount: ecoAccount is your virtual account, which is available on the site or through the mobile app such as tablets and mobile phones. With this device you will send payments and receive your money in a very practical and fast way. Everything will be available to you on your computer screen and you only need one click to check balance, make transfers, payments and enjoy the benefits of this incredible e-wallet.

Ecovirtualcard: if you want full guarantee to make a purchase you can have a virtual card that will be deleted as soon as payment is made. In this way any possibility of breach of confidentiality should be discarded. The unique use of a card favors the security of your data, and will not be lost or stolen. You can use it on your devices online or over the phone. It is accepted worldwide, in addition, it is possible to choose 3 cards with different currencies, are used: Euro, Dollar and Pounds.

Services litecoin

Plans: In litecoin there are several levels of services that are silver, gold, platium and VIP. Each of them has different rates and you should choose one that best suits your needs. Registration is always free, but there are some fees that can be paid to give you access to great facilities.

Security: litecoin is a security specialist. For you to keep your income in an online environment it should give you assurance that any attempt to circumvent the security system will be in vain. The technology used on the site is state of the art, in addition all your data is encrypted, in this way, no hacker can have access to your money and you will have all the peace of mind to take advantage of the litecoin online casino.

Attendance: The staff is trained to serve their customers in the best possible way. There are several ways to get in touch with the litecoin team, you only have to choose the best one. Choose the live chat to solve urgent questions, if you have any questions, go to the FAQ or send an email and make sure your problem is resolved promptly. This is a complete system and without a doubt you will be satisfied with everything the company has to offer.

Promotions: This virtual wallet will give you the possibility to enter incredible promotions and loyalty plans that could increase your income even more. The company has great partnerships that offer incredible rewards, so in addition to making good use of your money, you can make it pay off by participating in these recurring promotions.

Anonymous casino offers only a 150% welcome bonus on fird\st deposit up to 1,5 BTC. The welcome bonus starts at 0.001 btc, 0.01 etc and 0.1 ltc. The most active players can receive up to 12.5% of their deposits.

Litecoin in the Casinos online

These great advantages are making more Americans know the litecoin and check out these news, as well as facilitating payment in online casinos. Unfortunately there are no physical casinos in the country, so we need to have secure and totally reliable ways to make payment via the web. Some virtual casinos give 10% bonus when making payment with litecoin.

To make use of your card in online casinos you must go to the deposit session, choose the amount you will spend, and enter the payment. At this point you will be redirected to the litecoin website where you will proceed with the whole process. Anonymous casino site: is the best litecoin casino, where you can play without having to worry about your account, passwords and personal data, this is the great advantage when using litecoin.

150% Welcome bonus on the First deposit up to 1.5 BTC, 15 ETH or 150 LTC

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